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 Sample Itinerary of Paraiso del Pastor Fairtraders Tour 

Orgánicas Ecuatorianas Itinerary
24 Feb - 6 March

Feb 24 -     Depart U.S., Arrive in Quito, Night in Puembo

Feb 25 -     Drive to Riobamba (3.5 hours)

        Visit with Canastas Comunitarias y Solidarias

        Drive to Alausi, Night in Alausi (2 hours)

Feb 26 -    Drive to Saraguro (5 hours)

        Afternoon visiting farms in Saraguro

        Sleep in Saraguro

Feb 27 -     Drive to Vilcabamba (2.5 hours)

        Farm tour and lunch @ Cancion del Corazon

        Sleep at Hosteria Paraiso

Feb 28     Drive to Zamora (2.5 hours)

        Visit organic coffee farms

        Return to Vilcabamba (2.5 hours)

        Sleep at Hosteria Paraiso

Mar 1    Day visiting farms in Quinara y Vilcabamba

        Drive half way to Rio Muchacho (6 hours)

Mar 2    Drive rest of way to Rio Muchacho (6 hours)

        Sleep Rio Muchacho

Mar 3    Day at Rio Muchcacho

        Sleep Rio Muchacho

Mar 4    Day at Rio Muchacho

        Sleep Rio Muchacho

Mar 5    Morning drive to Tonsupa (4 hours)

        Day at Aamama Virginia

        Sleep in Tonsupa

Mar 6    Return drive to UIO, Quito Airport (6.5 hours)

        Red-eye return to U.S.

Mar 7    Mid morning return to US

Map of the tour
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